Independent learning

We are fortunate to be catering to an audience that is intellectually curious, open minded, think critically and always looking to improve. When learning stops, life begins to decay. We would like to encourage this life-affirming experience and we do so in a number of ways.

One way has nothing to do with our site. There is a great podcast we recommend to everyone: The Curious Case of Freedom (Spotify | Apple Podcasts). Please subscribe, listen, rate, and review.


Our books

The variety of topics covered within this site link you to an unimaginably large collection of quality books. If you set yourself a goal of reading just one or two books a month it will take you close to a century to get through all those listed on our pages. Fortunately there is a very useful filtering system to allow you to discover those books you’d like to prioritize this month and recommended starting points, if you’re looking for inspiration.

We recommend you never stop reading!


Young readers

By filtering on the young readers topic, you will find a large collection of books for the next generation. We value this topic immensely and are always looking to expand it further. Please let us know of more books you can recommend for the younger age groups. We and parents worldwide will benefit greatly from an ever-growing list from which to choose.

Don’t forget we have study guides, many of which are aimed at the younger learners, whether they be homeschooled, unschooled or whether it complements their ‘traditional’ curricula.

A note from the curator: If you are a parent of a 5-11 year old (or know someone who is) The Tuttle Twins series of books would make a great addition to their library. Similar to the advertising fees we get from books purchased through Amazon, the creators of The Tuttle Twins support Books of Liberty with a small advertising fee for purchases made through our links, and I would not promote these books if I didn’t highly recommend them myself.


Homeschooling and alternative approaches

We feature books on education, the public school system, public school alternatives, homeschooling, unschooling, the Montessori approach, and the Sudbury School model, to provide you as much information possible that will allow you to critically assess the state of the public school system, to shine light on possible alternatives and to let you make the best decision for your child, yourself and your family.

A note from the curator: Participation in the Ron Paul Curriculum homeschool program is one such alternative. In full disclosure Books of Liberty will get an advertising fee for those purchases made through our links and while I do not have direct experience in homeschooling, I have researched Ron Paul’s program extensively and found it to be an outstanding alternative to the public school system and very recommended for those who go down the homeschooling route. Their curriculum is packed with amazing content, both theoretical and practical, focusing on individual liberty, which will give an edge to anyone who goes through the program.


Adult enrichment

And finally, for all those who are lifelong learners, autodidacts at heart, there is plenty on offer to you too, even beyond the books we offer highlighting self-directed learning (autodidacticism) or the variety of personal development books.

A note from the curator: Liberty Classroom is a program designed to support the furthering of your education and dispelling the myths you’ve been taught throughout the years of your formal schooling. The variety of courses are incredible, all of which are steeped in the philosophy of freedom. I am a very satisfied Master Member, and from my experience I cannot recommend enough the courses within Liberty Classroom. In full disclosure, Books of Liberty will get a small advertising fee for purchases made through our link.