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A: Absolutely nothing! All these features are yours for free! But to help keep the lights on, please consider making your Amazon purchases through the links on our site.

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A: At minimum, we need to know where to send you your credentials if you forget your password. But in addition, we would like to share with you regular updates about unique and interesting books, topics, and insights related to your favorite books. You may unsubscribe at any time.

Q: Do you take privacy seriously?
A: Are you kidding?! We’ve got almost 50 books on the matter to help educate the world on the importance of it. The answer is Yes. We’re going to great lengths to keep your information secure and private. We will never sell your data or any of that stuff. Please read our privacy policy.

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A: Yes, of course! We want to be as flexible as possible with you. On the right hand side of the page you’ll find all the benefits of joining, but you can certainly just sign up here to only get the latest tidbits delivered straight to your inbox.

Q: How frequently will you contact me and what can I expect to see coming into my inbox?
A: We write our subscribers no more than twice weekly, highlighting the gems you can find within these pages and interesting reviews from the Facebook group (for the benefit of those who aren’t in the member-only group). You can look in our blog for examples of past content.

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A: Send a request on Facebook to join the Books of Liberty – Book Club group. Shoot us a note if your Facebook name is different from the name you provided when signing up (so that we know it’s you).

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A: 'Like' our Books of Liberty Facebook page or frequent our blog to get your fix of Books of Liberty! And if you want to share our site or forward our emails to your friends we’d be all the more grateful!

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