Stephanie Murphy

Summary from Stephanie's web site.

I’m a professional female voice talent with over seven years of experience in the industry, having voiced hundreds of projects – from tech explainer videos to medical e-learning to radio and TV advertisements. I am a top-ranked talent on, and my previous clients have included many major national brands.

My past clients have described my sound as “warm,” “friendly,” “conversational,” and “professional” with “a feminine wow-factor unlike any other.“

I can convincingly portray a sweet young mom, a savvy and informative business professional, a concerned and compassionate healthcare provider, a friendly telephone greeter, a sultry and sophisticated fashionista, a compelling storyteller, and a whole host of other voices that have appeared in my past work.

I’ve been lending my vocal talents to professional projects since 2009. My experience includes voicing thousands of client projects, as well as 7 years (and counting) as a talk show host on radio and podcasts.

I have written, voiced, and produced dozens of short :30 and :60 commercials, narrated several tutorial, explainer, and fundraising videos, introduced many podcasts, and narrated and produced several audiobooks. To hear some samples of how I sound, simply check the sidebar or one of the categories in the navigation bar above. Or, check out my profiles on, Voice123, and ACX.

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